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Linux Installation Instructions

Linux Installation Instructions have been added. Before attempting to install Linux you should upgrade to version 0.7 of SmartFirmware for the EDB7312.


Current Version

The current version of SmartFirmware for the EDB7312 is 0.7b65.

Version 0.7b65 has improved performance in a couple of areas. The setenv command erases its flash sector only when necessary, this greatly speeds up the programming time. The PS/2 keyboard probing has been optimized so that there is a minimum of delay in the case that no keyboard is plugged into the PS/2 port.

Version 0.7 implements nearly all of the OpenFirmware ARM processor binding. NetBSD will partially boot with this release and Linux can be booted with this release. You will need the linux loader in the latest OpenFirmware clients archive in order to install Linux. The clients have changed to match the OpenFirmware client interface startup requirements and the new clients are not compatible with older versions of SmartFirmware on the EDB7312. Please use these client interface programs with version 0.7 or later of SmartFirmware.

Version 0.6b183 fixes a number of deficiencies with regards to the /cpus/cpu and /memory nodes.

Version 0.6 has the following changes. The address map is modified so all unused portions of the virtual address space will fault. A new NVRAM variable physical-mappings? is provided to create one to one mappings of the physical address space for the I/O register regions. The #address-cells property for the root node is changed from two to one to conform to the OpenFirmware ARM binding. The /flash node selftest method now verifies the integrity of the flash image. The /ethernet selftest method now verifies the serial EEPROM.

Version 0.5 improves the ethernet driver so that it uses the serial EEPROM to get its MAC address. The MAC address in the serial EEPROM can be programmed with the set-mac-address command. Additionally it is now possible to recover from bad values in NVRAM by pressing the User 5 key while SmartFirmware is reseting.

Version 0.4b143 fixes a problem in prior versions that help text is not paginated correctly. Version 0.4b122 fixed a problem in version 0.4b107 where NVRAM variables were not read at reset.


User Documentation

The SmartFirmware users's manual may be helpful. This document does not include any of the specifics for the EDB7312 board, but does provide general information regarding the most commonly used commands and their syntax.

If you are writing applications and want to make use the the SmartFirmware client interface, we recommend that you review the ARM binding for OpenFirmware as well as the IEEE-1275 standard. Some simple examples programs demonstrating the use of the client interface can be found here. (For revisions of SmartFirmware prior to 0.7 please use these)

The Sun Books, OpenBoot 3.x Quick Reference and OpenBoot 3.x Command Reference Manual, provide general information on OpenFirmware and may be helpful as an introduction.


Frequently Asked Questions

A FAQ is available for SmartFirmware on the EDB7312.


EDB7312 Firmware mailing list

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EDB7312 Firmware problems

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