Free software from Thomas J. Merritt and Parag Patel

  • getoptx(3) routine for parsing command-line options

  • This provides an almost completely backward-compatible getopt(3) replacement that is small, simple, yet handles multi-letter options.


    Parag Patel's free software

  • Mac OS-X source for NetBSD "tip"
  • Mac OS-X binary of NetBSD's "tip"

  • These TAR archives contain the source and binary for my port of the NetBSD "tip" program to connect to serial ports using various USB adapters. Extract them under "/" as root, and edit /etc/remote to point to your ports, whose names under /dev are vendor-dependent. (Keyspan's are /dev/cu.Key*.)  
  • C++ text-editing library package.

  • This C++ code provides complete multi-window full-screen text-editing on terminals, full undo/redo, regular-expressions, and other features. The buffer portion may be used independently to edit text from a program. 
  • wacco LL(1) C/C++/Java parser generator 
    Generates a parser that is as close to hand-written as possible.
  • Z80 and CP/M emulator


    TJ Merritt's free software

  • UTF-8 String Library

  • A simple library for handle UTF-8 strings as easily as 8-bit ASCII strings. 


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    PO Box 3357
    Oakland, CA 94609